Grand Hotel on Kopaonik got a new look and new facilities

Kopaonik 22.07.2021. In the year when it celebrates 40 years, the famous Grand Hotel will mark the jubilee important for Kopaonik and Serbian tourism in the best way. Relying on everything the Grand has represented so far and the values ​​created over the years, the new edition of the hotel will be highlighted in a newer, timeless style that is not subject to short-term trends.

The beginning of modern tourism on Kopaonik is connected with the construction of the Konaci tourist complex and the Karavan hotel, today’s Grand Hotel, which has always been an inseparable part of this mountain and one of its synonyms and which opened the door to fashionable tourism. The Grand has retained its authenticity and charm even today, although it was built in the original “Kopaonik architectural style” which includes construction adapted to climatic and landscape conditions and folk tradition, but also a humane and pleasant ambience that cultivates the values ​​of traditionally warm catering. In recent times, the influence of MK Resort is reflected in everything that has made Grand and Kopaonik an even more desirable holiday destination without equal. Large investments that follow numerous initiatives and efforts in order to develop this destination, especially in the field of summer and congress tourism, with the idea that this mountain lives all year round, have had an effect. Along the way, the Grand Hotel has always been a leader and one of the main factors in development. That is why it is especially important that in the year when it celebrates 40 years of existence, the Grand Hotel will get a new look, new contents and confirm its deserved place on the most famous Serbian mountain.

The team of designers and designers led by Aleksandar Šavikin has a project in front of them for the pride of the entire tourist destination, and their work already shone at the end of last year, when the fine dining restaurant Bacco opened in the most famous Grand Hotel.

“The main aspiration in designing the new interior was to find a balance between a luxurious five-star design and a desire to provide visitors with a comfortable and warm space. We relied on everything that the Grand Hotel has represented so far, on the values ​​we have created over the years, which we have decided to emphasize and train in a newer, timeless style that is not subject to short-term trends, “said the famous architect on the occasion of the announcement of the new look of the Grand Hotel on Kopaonik.

The capital investment worth 20 million euros will provide a completely new luxury atmosphere to the guests of this cult hotel. The works have been going on intensively since April and include the reconstruction of all public spaces and facilities for guests. The recognizable reception area and the authenticity of the lobby bar, which has been a favorite gathering place for generations, will get a completely new look with many attractive and innovative materials and details that we do not have the opportunity to see often here. The new spirit will not bypass the restaurants either, and when it comes to gastronomy, the opening of the first fine dining restaurant on Kopaonik last winter is just an overture to what guests can expect in the new restaurants and bars. The best local flavors will be combined with an innovative approach and the latest culinary trends that celebrate healthy, quality ingredients and food that inspires.

The spa segment stands out in particular, on which a significant emphasis has been placed and for the construction of which an eminent company has been hired, which stands behind the best alpine spa centers. As part of the new spa concept, the world’s most famous brands in the field of spa cosmetics have been selected, which are combined with natural local raw materials and manufactories that will produce original products for limited spa treatments in limited series. All this will position the Grand Hotel as a unique hotel destination where guests will be able to experience unique spa rituals inspired and created based on local influences. In addition, the plan is to expand the outdoor pool, which will provide guests with an even better atmosphere.

The modern underground garage, which is also part of a large reconstruction project, will solve the issue of parking for all guests in the most efficient way, and there will also be garage spaces for electric vehicles. The new “Residences” part, which will include a private spa center, garage, reception and all other facilities necessary for absolute comfort and VIP treatment of guests, will exude a special luxury.

According to Radoš Đorđević, General Manager of MK Mountain Resort, traditional hospitality is one of the synonyms for Grand, which, in fusion with a refined and luxurious approach to the new needs of the guest, will be the main driver of new changes.

“With this project, we aim to raise each segment to a” star higher “, which will be presented to guests and the public at the beginning of the next winter season in December 2021,” said Radoš Đorđević.

In the year when it celebrates 40 years, the Grand Hotel will mark the jubilee important for both Kopaonik and Serbian tourism in the best possible way. In the same way that the fashionable charm intertwines with the “pulse” of the mountain, so the cult hospitality on Kopaonik will be embraced by a refined and luxurious approach to the new needs of the guest, because besides everything the soul of this hotel has always been and will always be its guests and legendary caterers.