National Park Kopaonik celebrates 40 years of existence

Kopaonik 07/14/2021 Kopaonik National Park was founded in 1981 and this year celebrates 40 years of existence, ie forty years of turbulent struggle to preserve, improve and ennoble the most beautiful mountain in Serbia.

After many years of initiative to declare certain parts of Serbia as national parks, the Assembly of SR Serbia passed the Law on Kopaonik National Park on July 13, 1981. On the basis of that law and according to the then system of organizing the national park, and based in Kopaonik.

The new Law on Kopaonik National Park was passed by the Assembly of SR Serbia on July 26, 1988, which envisages the establishment of a working organization for the protection and development of Kopaonik National Park as a manager, whose founder will be the Assembly of SR Serbia. Based on this, the Company for Protection and Development of the Kopaonik National Park was established by the Decision on Establishment of February 23, 1989, passed by the Assembly of SR Serbia, and the Company’s headquarters are in the uristic center Suvo rudiste on Kopaonik.

Following the adoption of the Law on National Parks by the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on May 26, 1993, the Public Company “National Park Kopaonik” Kopaonik was established, as the legal successor of the Company for Protection and Development of NPK. This public company still manages the National Park.

The main activity of JP NP Kopaonik is the protection of natural values, cultural assets and other sights and within that:
– preserves, improves and promotes the natural and created values ​​of NP Kopaonik
– implements the prescribed protection regimes
– ensures the smooth running of natural processes and sustainable use of the area
– provides supervision over the implementation of conditions and measures for nature protection
– presents and popularizes the value of the protected area, monitors the movement and activities of visitors

JP NP Kopaonik also deals with:
– forest management of the Kopaonik National Park
– protection, cultivation, improvement and use of hunting and fishing fauna
– scientific research in the field of protection and development
– design, construction and maintenance of facilities that are in the function of protection

PE NP Kopaonik is organized in three sectors: the sector for protection and development of natural and other values, the sector for protection of protected areas and the sector for legal and economic affairs.