GSS of Serbia is on duty at Kopaonik during the ski season

With the official start of the ski season on Kopaonik, the regular duty of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS) on the mountain began.

Since last year, helio rescue has been available to skiers on Kopaonik in case of serious injuries. JP “Skijališta Srbije”, the Helicopter Unit of the MUP and the GSS signed a Cooperation Agreement which, among other things, defines joint activities in the field of helicopter rescue and transport.

We remind skiers, mountaineers and all nature lovers that moving in the mountains in winter conditions is always a serious undertaking, for which it is necessary to prepare appropriately.

The GSS of Serbia appeals to all skiers and tourists to adapt their knowledge to the slopes on which they ski. Before the descent, it is important to warm up well, because starting “cold” is most often the cause of a possible accident. It is also necessary to adapt the speed of movement to the weather conditions, the terrain and, most importantly, to one’s own capabilities. Most accidents happen at the beginning or end of the day.

In case of need for help on the ski slope, as well as in any situation related to movement, stay and dangers on the mountain, you can contact the rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia, by calling the phone number +381 63 466 466

When calling, it is necessary to indicate the exact location where you are with a description of the situation or accident and wait for help to arrive.