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Guitar Art Winter Fest 2020 on Kopaonik opens on January 4th with the band Ođila

Kopaonik’s Guitar Art Winter Fest 2020 will feature performances by famous musicians in January, February and March at the Grand Hotel.
The opening ceremony of the Guitar Art Winter Fest is on Saturday, January 4th with a concert by the Ođila Group at the Grand Hotel starting at 8pm with free admission.

The festival kicks off on January 4th with a concert by the Ođila Group, which performs recognizable Roma music around the world, relying on the tradition of the Romen Theater in Moscow and music from the legendary Cigani lete u nebo, Moja slatka umiljata zver and others. The media in the former Yugoslavia often portrayed Ođila as an authentic Gypsy band from Moscow, which testifies enough to the perfection of the band members in performing Roma music.

The next performance at the Guitar Art Winter Fest on Kopaonik is on February 5, when the Nemanja Nikolic Quartet & Bojan Ivanovski will perform, which will hold a concert of the most famous Disney music. It’s a range of genre-rich music, and it’s the most beautiful and creative way to introduce children and adults to classical and symphonic music, but also to fantastic jazz, swing and blues.
The quartet was founded by young talented pianist Nemanja Nikolic, with the band consisting of Ivan Simeunovic for violin, Uros Danilovic for percussion and Sanja Ugrcic for powerful vocals.
Bojan Ivanovski is a fingesttyle guitarist, composer, recognizable for his finger-playing style, percussive guitar elements and energetic performances.

The finale of this year’s Guitar Art Winter Fest at Kopaonik will be on March 1st when the “40 Fingers” acoustic guitar quartet performs. The quartet was formed in 2017 and consists of four Italian musicians with completely different previous musical stories, who are already well known in the Italian music scene for their numerous projects, through so-called. fingerpicking technique.
These four acoustic guitar players are exploring new sonic universes, performing a wide repertoire, from original works to processing compositions composed by four guitars. In this way, through a reinterpretation of the great classics of modern music (from Piazzola to “The Beatles”, from “Dire Straits” to Eric Klepton).
Their planetary success begins the moment they recorded an extraordinary version of Bohemian Rhapsody by the Quinn group, which exceeded 5 million views on their youtube channel at high speed. The quartet immediately released their first album.

The aim of the Guitar Art Winter Fest, organized by the Guitar Art Festival in cooperation with the Municipality of Raska, the Gradac Cultural Center and the Grand Hotel, is to further develop as a mandatory festival location in the country and the region through the creative industry Kopaonik and the Municipality of Raska, with exclusive cultural and artistic content.
Admission to all concerts is free.