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Invitation to the Josif Pančić mountain track on May 15, organized by PSK Jastrebac

Kopaonik 12.05.2021. Mountaineering and sports club Jastrebac from Kruševac invites you to Kopaonik, at west mountain track Josif Pančić , on Saturday, May 15, 2021.
In order for the action to be adjusted to a larger number of participants in the tour, it will be: Baciste (turn for Rudnica) – Kukavica peak 1726 m above sea level – Kadijevac picnic area – Rvatske Bacije – Jaram pass.
The length of the tour is 24km, the ascent is 900m.

All members of PSK Jastrebac and PSS who paid the membership fee for 2021, who are in GOOD physical condition and who respect the rules of behavior of mountaineers, have a team spirit and subordinate their wishes and requirements to the group are invited to the tour.
Action plan:
07:00 – departure in front of the indoor pools in Kruševac
09:00 – departure for the climb
17:00 – arrival at Jaram, entry into transport, departure to the restaurant “Promaja”
20:00 – arrival in Kruševac

The tour is not intended for small children and everyone goes at their own risk. Flashlights required.

The guide reserves the right to change the action change plan in case of unforeseen circumstances. The paid registration fee is refunded only if the mountaineer who canceled the participation finds a replacement.
The registration fee is paid in the premises of PSK Jastrebac on Mondays and Thursdays (not in transport).
The number of places is limited by transportation, the sooner you register, the better. Registration fee: 800 RSD.

Guide and organizer Boris Čobeljić MB 527, mob:  062 884 96 91