For the thousandth skier during the holidays on Kopaonik – a ski award

Kopaonik 01.05.2021. Today, for the First of May, the ski resorts of Serbia delighted the most faithful skier, who chose Kopaonik as an ideal destination for skiing and holidays.

Mihajlo Lapcevic from Belgrade is the thousandth skier on Kopanik, and for that reason he received a new set of skis and bindings from the Ski Resort of Serbia as a reward.

At the exit of the Karaman greben cable car, Mihajlo said that Kopaonik is always the first choice for him and that he is happy that he could enjoy his favorite sport for May Day and Easter. In this way, the ski resorts of Serbia wanted to thank the most passionate skiers and in this way complete the most successful ski season.

The ski season in Serbia ended on April 18, after 137 days of work, and for the May Day and Easter holidays, they reopened their doors to all those who can’t get enough of winter and skiing. The ski centers Kopaonik and Stara planina are open for skiing until May 4, while on Tornik, visitors can enjoy a panoramic ride on the cable car and bobsleigh on the rails until the end of the celebration.