Josanicka Banja and Kopaonik are starting preparations for the summer tourist season 2021

Raska 26.03.2021. Although the height of the snow cover on Kopaonik is about 140 centimeters, the Tourist Organization of Raska is working hard on the preparation of Josanicka Banja and Kopaonik for the summer tourist season in 2021.

All renovated capacities of Josanička Banja will be in function from the beginning of May and will be open to visitors, while all catering facilities on Kopaonik are expected to be open during the summer season.

The renovation of the capacity of Josanička Banja was done several years ago, so in 2019 the renovated Spa complex was opened, and last year the renovated Milunka Savić Memorial Complex. Josanicka Banja currently offers 170 categorized beds and the opening of new apartments with about 130 beds is announced. Several investments are planned, and the most important is the rehabilitation of the old hotel, which is owned by the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, while the plan for the construction of the gondola Josanicka Banja – Kopaonik has been updated.

On Kopaonik, the construction of sixteen pedestrian paths with lighting is planned in order to connect the Weekend settlement with the center of Kopaonik, the construction of an access road from the Weekend settlement to Semetesko Lake in the length of 8 kilometers, and the construction of new apartment buildings in Glog and Weekend settlement.
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