Learn to snowboard on Kopaonik with champions Evin Pešić Zajmi and Jurica Stanković

If you want to learn how to ride a snowboard or perfect your riding technique on the slopes of Kopaonik you can do it with real champions in this sport – Evin Pešić Zajmi i Juricom Stankovićem.
Evin Eva Pešić Zajmi multiple champion and national team of Yugoslavia later Serbia. On several occasions she was a cadid for the Nagano Olympics, but due to the situation in the country at the time, it was not possible. She was also a member of the demo team at the time.
Evin is a snowboard instructor on the ski slopes of Kopaonik this winter.
If you want to master the first steps on the snowboard as well as learn a fantastic dynamic carving you can contact her on
+38163466660 or e-mail: or via FB page

Jurica Stanković, Serbia’s most trophy winter athlete, 11 times national
champion … after successful construction and renovation of ski resorts in Georgia and other countries, he is again active on the Kopaonik trails as a snowboard instructor and Telemark ski technician.
For your first snowboard or ski downhill trip, as well as furthering your Telemark skiing knowledge or learning, call
+381642042042 or e-mail:

As you learn snowboarding techniques from champion Evin Pesicć Zajmi and Jurica Stanković, you will have the opportunity to hear many interesting things about Kopaonik and skiing, how ski resorts are built and arranged, how Kerefeke products are made, as well as many other interesting topics related to snow. snowboarding and skiing.