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Night GSS ski race on Kopaonik on February 22nd

The event that all lovers of skiing and having a good time wish for the GSS night ski race this year will be held on Saturday, February 22, at Kopaonik on the Karaman greben night trail, starting at 5:00 pm.
With this race, which has a revival character, the GSS of Serbia wants to promote safety and point out the rules of conduct on the ski slopes, both at Kopaonik Ski Center and other ski resorts in the country.

The charm of such a race is the gathering of all generations of GSS Serbia rescuers and socializing, developing cooperation and exchanging experiences with the representatives of the rescue services of the countries in the region, who take an active part in this race every year. This year, rescuers from Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania and many more are expected to participate …

“We are expecting you in the same place as last year, but this time in greater numbers to accompany our rescuers and rescuers of regional rescue services together with good music and free drinks!” from the GSC of Serbia

With excellent cooperation with JP “Serbian Ski Resorts”, there is a constant effort to increase the safety of skiers on the slopes, and the traditional GSS race is a nice opportunity to once again appeal to lovers of mountains and skiing sports that should be paid attention to stay on the mountain for everyone in a fond memory.