Info Kopaonik

Post office on Kopaonik

The post office on Kopaonik is located at the main entrance to the Konak circuit.
Opening hours: 09:00 -14: 30 weekdays
Phone number: +381 36 54 71 100
Zip code is 36354

Apart from Kopaonik, Post office in Brzeće and Post office in Jošanička Banja are also at service for tourists and others:

Post office in Brzeće is located in the tourist center – in front of the hotel OZON.
Opening hours: 07:00AM -01:00PM weekdays
Phone number: +381 37 382 35 00
Zip code: 37225

Post office in Jošanička Banja is located next to the regional road that passes through this place towards Kopaonik, at ul. Milunke Savic 28.
Opening hours: 07:00AM – 02:00PM weekdays
Phone number: +381 36 303 127
Zip code: 36345