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Pre-sale of ski passes via WEB SHOP with a discount from 15 November

On Monday, November 15, 2021, at 08:00, the pre-sale of ski passes for the 2021/22 season will begin through the online store of the Ski Resort of Serbia.

All interested users can take advantage of a 15% discount through “online” shopping in the period from 15 to 30 November.

All those who will not be able to buy tickets during this period, will have the opportunity to take advantage of a 10% discount on online purchases from December 1 until December 10.
After this period, ie from December 11 until the end of the season, a 5% discount on the price of ski passes will be valid through the WEB SHOP of the Ski Resort of Serbia.

From this season, Ski Resorts of Serbia have introduced certain novelties in the categories of ski passes, so all those who want to go skiing more than once during the season, will be able to buy a ticket 20 in the season and arrange their ski days as they see fit.

Also, as of this season, we offer special tickets that include night skiing, so all those interested can opt for this category of ski pass, which will allow them to use the night trail.

In addition to these categories, Ski Resorts of Serbia have introduced a completely new “baby” card intended for children up to 5 years. The “Baby” card was introduced solely for the safety of the youngest skiers so that they can use those trails that are adapted to their skiing skills.

The beginning of the ski season on Kopaonik is planned for that period from December 9 to 12, followed by the opening of the season on Stara Planina, and then on Tornik on Zlatibor.

Discounts in the pre-sale of ski passes can be used by users exclusively “online”, through the online store of the Ski Resort of Serbia and exclusively with payment cards.