Rescuers from the GSS of Serbia searched for the lost snowboarder on Kopaonik for nine hours

Kopaonik, January 23, 2021 Yesterday, in the late afternoon, the rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia received a call from a snowboarder who got lost on Kopaonik.

The search lasted for nine hours and he was found late last night near the Jelovarnik waterfall, unharmed.

GSS rescuers took part in the search on sledges, touring skis and snowshoes. The search involved 15 rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service, as well as members of the Ministry of the Interior and wardens of Serbian ski resorts.

Due to the very difficult search conditions and the cold, the GSS rescuers were not able to take a single photo from the rescue operation, but the most important thing is that the snowboarder was found unharmed.

In case you need the help of the rescuer of the GSS of Serbia on Kopaonik, you can call +381 63 466 466