SAT patrol from Belgrade to Kopaonik on January 24 on RTS 1

The SAT patrol continues with the winter patrols, and this time it takes the viewers to Kopaonik with a two-way test. The first part of the team goes on the highway “Miloš Veliki”, through Kraljevo and Jošanička Banja, and the second part on the road through Kruševac and Brzeće.
In the show that will be broadcast on Sunday, January 24, 2021, at 12:40 on RTS 1, you will find out which road is safer, which is better cleaned and, of course, which is faster.

You will also see what the completely new trails that skiers will enjoy look like, but also what all the possibilities are offered by the brand new gondola that leads from Brzeće to Mali Karaman.
The editor and presenter is Mladen Alvirović. The rerun of the show is on Friday at 11:00 on RTS 2.