Soon enjoyment for cyclists on the ascent to Kopaonik from the direction of Jošanička Banja

Kopaonik, July 24, 2020 Cyclists, especially those who love road cycling, will soon have the opportunity to enjoy riding on the section of the road from Jošanička Banja to Kopaonik, which is covered with new asphalt.

Yesterday, part of this section was driven by Vladimir Savić, a Serbian trophy triathlete, with his sons Petar (10) and Aleksa (7)

“As for the section with new asphalt, that part of the road is the dream of every road cycling enthusiast; a combination of phenomenal nature and perfect asphalt. “- said Vladimir Savić, Serbian trophy triathlete, coach and state record holder in the Ironman triathlon, who in August 2017 exported his Everesting to Kopanik.

Let us remind you, the road from Jošanička Banja to Kopaonik has been closed for traffic since May 11 due to works, and it is expected to be operational and open for traffic on July 31, 2020.

Also, one of the stages of the Tour de Kop 2020 will be run on this section. More HERE