Successful exercise of the GSS of Serbia on the via ferrata Gornjak

Via ferrata or iron road is provided a path in the rock, secured with cable and wedges, as well as sidewalks and handrails on exposed sections. In order to be ready for rescue actions on this type of terrain, the rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service held an exercise on the via ferrata Gornjak, in the Gornjačka gorge.

“This was a very complex technical rescue exercise, where the injured are transported by stretcher through a rock. After that, the injured person had to be transported through the complex steep terrain on which the forests are located, all the way to the main road. This type of rescue requires a large number of well-trained rescuers, as well as special equipment without which rescue is not possible, “explained Dušan Starinac, a rescuer from the Mountain Rescue Service.

Via ferrata Gornjak is located near Petrovac na Mlavi, in the Gornjačka gorge, on the slopes of Mali Vukan. The average time to climb is about three hours. Via ferrata Gornjak is a sporty, difficult and physically demanding section, and it is not for people who have no previous experience in hiking.

32 rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service participated in the via feratta rescue exercise. The exercise was funded by the Ministry of Defense.
photo: GSS of Serbia