The Duboka ski trail and the Pajino ski trail are closed due to the European Cup on Kopaonik

Kopaonik, February 19, 2021 JP Skijališta Srbije informs users that the ski trail Duboka (6a, 6b, 6c) and the ski trail from Pajin preslak to trail 6a will be closed from 19 to 25 February, while the ski trail Crna Duboka (no. 6) will be closed until 01 March 2021 due to the European Cup.

According to the calendar of the FIS Europe Cup 2021 competition, the races are planned to be held in the period from February 22 to 26, when the most famous skiers in the world will be on Kopaonik, who will ride two slalom and two giant slalom races.

Ski resorts in Serbia ask skiers to respect the signalization on the slopes and not to use the mentioned slopes and ski trails in the specified period.