The humanitarian ski race “Zagrli snažno!” held at Kopaonik – raised 800,000 dinars

The Serbian Ski Resorts and the NURDOR charity organized a humanitarian ski race on Kopaonik and raised 800,000 RSD. More than 100 competitors took part in the Karaman Greben race.

In the men’s category, Dragan Jevtić had the best time, Milisav Vuković took second place, while Damir Kapric won third place. In the women’s category, Ivana Brajković took first place, Sofia Munić came second, while Milica Simonović won third place. In the children’s category first place was won by Uros Jeličić, second place was taken by Dusan Kostič, and third place was Vukan Ivezić. In the category of the youngest, first place went to Vigor Davidovic, second place to Maša Senjanović, and third place to Dušan Seočanac.

This year, too, the traditional ski run of the Serbian Ski Resort had a humanitarian character under the slogan “Zagrli snažno!”, And the funds raised go towards the construction and equipping of the Parent House in Belgrade.

The ski resorts of Serbia and Nurdor thank all those who participated and supported this action.

T-shirts will continue to be on sale, and those interested can order them via the Ski Resorts Instagram profil HERE.