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Italian guitar sensation 40 Fingers tonight on Kopaonik

Kopaonik, 03/01/2020 – The Italian guitar sensation 40 Fingers will perform tonight at Kopaonik, at the GRAND Hotel from 8:00 PM, as part of the Guitar Art Winter Festival.
Guitar Art Winter Fest is a unique concept of a music festival that aims to present famous classical, jazz, flamenco, ethno and pop musicians from the region throughout the winter season at the Kopaonik Ski Center at the Grand Hotel, and entry to all concerts is free.
The Guitar Art Winter Festival, organized by the Guitar Art Festival in cooperation with the Municipality of Raska, the Gradac Center for Culture and the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, has previously featured the band OĐILA and the Nemanja Nikolic Quartet.

“40 Fingers” is a quartet of acoustic guitars formed in 2017, whose members are four Italian musicians with completely different previous musical stories, who are already well known in the Italian music scene for their numerous projects, through so-called. fingerpicking technique.
These four acoustic guitar players are exploring new sonic universes, performing a wide repertoire, from original works to processing compositions composed for four guitars. In this way, through the reinterpretation of the great classics of modern music (from Piazzola to “The Beatles”, from “Dire Straits” to Eric Klepton).
Their planetary success begins the moment they recorded an extraordinary version of the Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen , which exceeded 5 million views on their youtube channel at high speed. The quartet immediately released their first album.
The 40 Fingers include Mateo Brenci, Emanuele Graffiti, Enrico Maria Milanezi and Andrea Vitori. Four virtuosos on acoustic guitars who are already well known to the Italian music scene for their numerous solo projects.
Their original concert repertoire encompasses authentic renditions of well-known compositions skillfully arranged for four guitars. Among their most popular covers are the compositions of Astor Piacola’s “Libertango”, then themes from the series “Games of Thrones”, themes from the movie “The Last Mohican” and Vivaldi’s “Summer” and “Four Seasons”.”

“40 Fingers” on Kopaonik at Hotel GRAND on March 1, 2020 at 8:00 PM. Admission is free