The Kopaonik Ski Center will be operating on a reduced scale in the coming period

Kopaonik 27.03.2023. After 106 days of skiing, from today, March 27, the work of the Kopaonik ski center will be on a smaller scale – 10 ski installations and 17 trails will be available to skiers and boarders.

Users of the dabas will have available: Sunčana dolina, Malo jezero, Krst, Pančićev vrh, Karaman greben, Duboka 1, Mali karaman, Duboka 2, Mašinac, as well as a conveyor belt in the ski kindergarten.

The gondola will be in operation to retrieve skiers on weekends, and the night slopes will no longer operate.

Depending on weather conditions and needs, the Ski Resorts of Serbia will adjust the operation of the ski resort in the coming period.

Ski tickets can be purchased at the point of sale near the “Gorski” hotel, as well as at the bobsleigh on the rails.

The working hours of the Kopaonik ski center are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.