Tour De Kop 2019 is finished, see you at Tour De Kop 2020

On Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th August 2019 there was a mountain bike challenge of the Tour De Kop season and 4 magnificent climbs along the Kopaonik mountain. Climbing to either side is a story of it’s own and the Tour de Fun by Ivan Stevic and Coach Savic gave participants a chance to discover it.

On the first day, cyclists conquered Kopaonik along the least known but longest side across Kriva Reka, and then the opposite side along Rudnica.

The second day was little easier by climbing from Brzeće and then climbing from the direction of Josanička Banja.

The time limit for the Tour De Kop 2019 was not limited so this was not a race but a training ride that was more than a pleasure for the participants.

After a few days, impressions still can’t settle down, because Tour De Kop 2019 still lives in me and does not go out as the strongest fire! What a weekend, what a team, what a two-wheeled pleasure! My dear friend and colleague Vladimir Savić has been by my side since day one and shared my vision, and also supported and contributed to give this event a different dimension, a dose of seriousness and precision as well as creativity! . In a short period of time we managed to organize an event that is unique in many ways and it turned out that it was very much needed and as such it has a beautiful future.

I am especially filled and motivated by the satisfaction and positive impressions of the participants themselves. Our vision was also to offer and share the pleasure of riding on two wheels on the magnificent slopes of Kopaonik as a unique experience with other fans of this sport and activity.

It is important to emphasize that this weekend and the Tour De Kop was not a competitive character but a mere socializing and enjoying. It amazed me that some new people participated who accepted this challenge in the right way and gave me the extra energy to plan ahead and already prepare Tour De Kop 2020!

Amazing how it all slid from the first moment, both with Hotel Putnik Kopaonik our wonderful hosts and event sponsor, then to the great athlete and professional in charge of graphics and design of Dacha Nbg, the right hand of Vladimir Milakovic and his team at the WideXPrint printing press, big Support Planet Bike Serbia, Invictabike shop, RIS CYCLING – Bike shop, Depil Concept …

There were also irreplaceable guys who recorded all of this by Marko Djuric and Stefan Kexi.

I would also like to thank everyone else who helped Serbia get what it deserves, which is Tour De Kop! “- said Ivan Stevic, a celebrated cycling ace and Serbian national team member who has participated in the Olympic Games four times, on behalf of the organizers.

Vladimir Savic, or Coach Savic, widely known for Everesting, who performed at Kopaonik in 2017, also gave his impressions of the first Tour De Kop.

I am very proud to have been part of the first edition of the Tour de Kop adventure. The enthusiasm and positive energy of Ivan Stevic, the creator of this unique sports format, are simply contagious. Four epic climbs (more than 10h in the saddle and 5,000m altitude difference), on the beautiful Kopaonik, spread over two days, are a real treat but also a great challenge for cycling enthusiasts. This was an unforgettable weekend thanks to the generous hospitality of the Hotel Putnik, the valuable help of Planetbike, and the phenomenal energy of great people who participated in the ride as well as in the organization. I hope that Tour De Kop will grow into a tradition as it best promotes true values and provides an opportunity not only for riders but also for their families to spend quality time on one of our most beautiful mountains. Who can wait untill 2020? – said Vladimir Savic,


4 Kopaonička drumska uspona, preko 5.500mvu, 2 dana lude zabave…Vidimo se na TourDeKop-2020Čestitke i zahvalnost svim učesnicima kao i prijateljima koji su podržali događajCOACHSAVIC Hotel Putnik Kopaonik Planet Bike Serbia Vladimir Milakovic Dacha Nbg Invictabike shop RIS CYCLING – Bike shop Marko Djuric Stefan Kexi WideXprint-Beograd DepilConcept Srbija

Gepostet von Tour De Fun by Ivan Stevic am Donnerstag, 5. September 2019

See you on the even more massive and interesting Tour De Kop 2020 until then enjoy the photos and videos on the FB page TourDeFun by Ivan Stevic