Sanja Banjac is the first woman from Serbia to finish Everesting

Sanja Banjac became the first woman from Serbia to export Everesting, choosing the ascent from Rudnica to Kopaonik, which in 2017 was also exported by Vladimir Savić, placing Serbia and Kopaonik on the world map of Everesting for the first time.

The rules are very simple, find a strong climb, take a GPS recording of the planned trail and send it to the Everesting Club founder for approval and verification. After that there is only one goal, climb the top with a bike, and then repeat the same, until you have conquered your personal Everest (8.848 m in height).

The first and successful attempt at Everesting was made by mountaineer and cyclist George Malory, the grandson of George Malory, the British mountaineer who disappeared on Everest with Sandy Irvin in 1924.In 1994, the younger Malory rode 8 laps on Mount Dona Buang in the Victorian Alps, preparing to climb Mont Everest.
“Climbing Everest on a bike and climbing a mountain on a bike are completely different, of course,” said Malori, “Everesting on a bike is, in my experience, physically harder than any day on Everest.”

As we await the official announcement of the success of Sanja Banjac, let us remind ourselves in 2017 and Vladimir Savic’s Everestig –  HERE
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