Academic sculptor Bojan Grujić makes log cabins from whole logs

Academic sculptor Bojan Grujić from Ljibovija, after participating in many festivals and competitions in carving with a chainsaw and making sculptures from wood, ice, snow, as well as metal and other materials, recently started the construction of a log cabin, which he is nearing completion. We had the opportunity to ask Bojan a few questions, and get answers, on the topic of building a log cabin.

How did you come up with the idea of making log cabins out of whole logs? Is it related to the placement of participation in previous years’ competitions…

Yes, I encountered log cabins made of whole trees for the first time in Russia in 2016. In our country, there is a certain amount of caution towards wooden buildings and their durability, and in Irkutsk there are preserved entire log cabin settlements, churches from the 17th century made of trees from which the bark was removed and of which the entire building was built, without nails. Such buildings leave an impression on you, and over time, I also learned the work and construction of log cabins, some in Russia, some from the books of the Canadian School of Construction, some from online courses. I came up with the idea of starting my own business with log cabins during the corona, when it was almost impossible to safely travel to symposiums and work in other countries at various woodworking competitions.

What are the advantages of this type of log cabin?

Definitely the most demanding type of wood construction, but also the highest quality. Such log cabins, even roofed with wooden tiles (shingles), last for centuries. The secret is that wood that has not been hewn or sawn does not absorb water so quickly, the outer layer of the wood preserves the most resin inside, and this protects the inner layer from decay. Also, the construction system is such that the logs lie on the so-called “saddles” at the corners of the building. So, over time, such buildings are stronger, and the intersections at the corners are like concrete columns in standard construction. The weight of the shapes, some of which are 7 or 10 meters and 35 cm in diameter, gives the object’s weight and strength.
Wood as a heat insulator is unsurpassed, and the wall thickness of 30 and more makes the building easy to heat in winter, and difficult to overheat in summer.

How long does it take to build such a log cabin if it were to be built actively?

Construction is such that you can’t work every day, it’s physically and demanding work, it requires good concentration because you work at a height and you have to be precise in drawing but also skilled with a motorcycle. Perhaps it could be said that for a log cabin of about 30 square meters, it takes up to 35-40 days. We are talking about everyday work.

Was only wood used during construction – no nails and other metal parts or only minimally?

It is built without nails and this is much stronger than such construction, according to the system of seats, laying in wooden grooves, placing on pegs, etc.

Describe to us the log house whose construction you are nearing completion? (square footage, ground floor – first floor layout of rooms…)

The log cabin is basically 5-8 meters and has two floors (ground floor and first floor). But if you subtract the space taken up by the walls, it has about 74 usable square meters of interior space and terraces. 56 square meters of interior space and 18 square meters of terrace.

Is it possible to build according to the projects of future customers?

Of course, I have a designer from Russia who works for the creation of projects according to the customer’s wishes, by order of course.

How can interested parties get in touch with you?

Via mobile contact is the best way +381 64 412 64 46

Academic sculptor Bojan Grujić also makes sculptures in wood, stone, metal, glass, plexiglass, modeling sculptures for bronze, plaster. Ability to work by orders – see the link HERE