The book FUNGI OF KOPAONIK is out of print, order online

After several years of field research, JP “National Park Kopaonik” in cooperation with the Mycological and Fungal Association of Serbia published the book FUNGI OF KOPAONIK.

The monograph presents the results of the Kopaonik mushroom research, which the Kopaonik National Park, the Kopaonik Regional Mushroom Society from Raška, and more or less all member associations of the Mycological – Mushroom Growing Association of Serbia have been continuously conducting since 2015. The data are the result of persistent and systematic field work of all our determiners, mushroom growers and many members of our societies, as well as the cabinet work of our scientific commission, led by Prof. Dr. Maja Karaman, full professor of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad. Since 2015 so far, a total of 432 species of fungi have been recorded and scientifically confirmed in the National Park area, of which 90 are ascomycotes and 342 are basidiomycotes.

We sincerely hope that this is the first in a series of books of the Mycological-Mushroom Association of Serbia that will be in front of mushroom growers and the public, which consists of nature lovers and young people on whom the world rests, and the knowledge that we pass on to them in this way, as well as to the scientific public of Serbia , which can use it as an aid in the study of the wonderful world of mushrooms. We will try to improve the knowledge about the world of mushrooms as much as possible, in order to preserve and use it as well as possible, for the benefit of all citizens of Serbia, said Zoran Jelenković, president of MGSS and organizer of the monograph.

Those interested in buying the book, at a price of 2,530 dinars, should send the delivery information to the e-mail: (name and surname, that is, the name of the legal entity, the address for sending the book, and the contact phone number for delivery). After that, they will be sent a proforma invoice, and upon payment, JP “Nacionalni Park Kopaonik” will send the book by PostExpress (shipping costs are borne by the cash on delivery buyer, according to the valid price list of the Post of Serbia.)
source and photo:NPKopaonik