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Info Kopaonik

Post office on Kopaonik

The post office on Kopaonik is located at the main entrance to the Konak circuit. Opening hours: 09:00 -14: 30 weekdays Phone number: +381 36 54 71...

Info Kopaonik

AMSS Towing Service

The Auto-Moto Association of Serbia provides drivers with services to eliminate defects on the road and towing the vehicle to the desired service...

Info Kopaonik

Ambulance on Kopaonik

Trauma center Kopaonik – located in the area of Konaci Tel: +381 66 830 25 32 Ambulance – located between Konaci and Hotel Olga Dedijer Tel: +381 36...

Info Kopaonik

Police station on Kopaonik

The police station on Kopaonik is located in the Administrative building of the Ski Resort – right above Konaci. T: +381 54 71 092 or a unique...