Drivers caution on Kopaonik! “Spider” carries improperly parked vehicles

At the Kopaonik Tourist Center a service for removal and collection of improperly parked vehicles – the “Spider Service” – began to operate. As we are informed, this service will take all improperly parked vehicles on the mountain to the location of the former Bačište Hotel (towards the Vikend naselje).

The introduction of a service for the removal of improperly parked vehicles was necessary in order to remove improperly parked vehicles during the winter that create traffic congestion and the creation of columns, as well as for more efficient cleaning of the road from snow – if the vehicles are parked so that they occupy part or all of the traffic lane adequate maintenance of the road in winter conditions and snow removal is prevented.

Removal fee for improperly parked vehicle in TC Kopaonik will be made according to categories – vehicle weight:
– Removal fee for improperly parked vehicles, weighing up to 1,330 kilograms (11,500 dinars);
– Removal fee for improperly parked vehicle, weighing 1330 – 1900 kilograms (15,500 dinars);
– Removal fee for improperly parked vehicles weighing over 1900 kilograms (21,000 dinars);
– fee for stopping the attempt to remove an improperly parked vehicle (RSD 4,000);
– Fee for storing vehicles in the “Parking lot” depot, every 24 hours started (2,000);
– fees for blocking and unblocking vehicles, wheel locks (6,000 dinars – 24 hours);
– fee for trying to install a wheel lock (2,500 dinars).
You should also consider penalty for improper parking of the vehicle, submitted by the Traffic Police, which amounts to 5,000 dinars will be added to these prices.
If you have parked a vehicle on Kopaonik outside the traffic signs and on your return to the parking spot you see that there is no vehicle, call +381 64 92 01 231

Pay attention to parking the vehicles in accordance with the traffic signs and we suggest you to park your vehicles at designated places or during your several days on Kopaonik use taxi or SKI BUS Kopaonik, especially in winter, to avoid unplanned expenses and to avoid inconveniences and to keep your vacation and skiing in good memory.