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Humanitarian Ski Race ZAGRLI SNAŽNO! on Kopaonik on February 28, 2020

The Serbian Ski Resorts and the NURDOR charity are organizing a humanitarian ski race on February 28, starting at 12 noon at Kopaonik, on the Karaman Greben Trail. This year, the traditional ski race of the Serbian Ski Resort will have a humanitarian character under the slogan “Zagrli snažno!” (“hugg strongly!”), And the funds raised are intended for the construction and equipping of a new Parent House in Belgrade.

All interested skiers and boarders and lovers of the mountain can apply to participate in the race through the site of the Ski Resorts of Serbia or at the sales points of TSO Raska and the Administration Building (formerly “Žica”) on Kopaonik. The registration fee for the race is from 1000 dinars upwards.

The registration fee for the race is 1000 dinars. In addition to the registration for the ski race, you can participate and donate to the Parents House by paying into a giro account or by buying a T-shirt, hat …

Interested non-skiers who want to donate money can do so by paying into the NURDOR giro account (170-30010715000-82) with the note Humanitarian Ski Race “Embrace Strongly!” or by buying a T-shirt (1000 dinars) or caps contribute to the action.

The National Association of Parents with children with cancer was founded in 2003 by parents of treated children, doctors and psychologists and friends from all over Serbia, with the aim of emotionally, practically and materially helping new families who are just beginning a long and uncertain struggle to cure their little ones. During the sixteen years of its operation, the association has initiated numerous projects, many of which were implemented for the first time in Serbia and have significantly contributed to improving the quality of treatment and life conditions for children with cancer in our country: six rehabilitation camps for cured children per year; five Parents’ Houses in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis; construction of a new pediatric hemato-oncology department in Niš; weekly psycho-social support workshops for children and parents; education of volunteers, parents, medical staff…

Last year, NURDOR started a major and important project involving the construction and equipping of a new Parent House in Belgrade, which will provide free accommodation and care for children and their families coming from all over Serbia to the capital for treatment.

“Most children in Serbia come to Belgrade for treatment. The capacities that NURDOR currently has in its three parental homes are 13 families and this is not enough to take care of all the families who need accommodation in Belgrade during the child’s treatment. It is often the case of families who are not financially able to provide their child and themselves with a long stay in Belgrade, since the treatment of malignancies does not last less than a year. It is imperative that there is a whole system in place to take care of them every day for the duration of treatment. It’s the Parent House. And that’s what we all fight for! We are currently halfway to our new home and are confident that we will reach our goal by joining forces. ”Says Zorica Manojlovic, a mother of a treated child and a NURDOR member.

The humanitarian ski race “Zagrli snažno!” February 28, 2020 at Kopaonik, Karaman Reef Ski Trail, 12:00