Kopaonik Extreme Canyoning the Barska Reka canyon

When Kopaonik is mentioned, the first association for most people in Serbia is skiing or picking blueberries and walking in nature. However, the “Serbian beauty” skillfully hides her secrets. Many of them are not so easily accessible to the “ordinary” world because they are a total unknown to most people, primarily because of their inaccessibility.
One of them is the canyon of the Barska reka, which is a real treasure of Kopaonik, and is located only 14 kilometers from the strict tourist center.

The canyon of the Barska reka is located on Ravni Kopaonik at about 1000 meters above sea level. When you start on the macadam road from Semeteško Lake towards Lisina and the weekend settlement, a few hundred meters after the turn for the village of Tiodže, when you reach the ridge, the canyon and waterfalls are clearly visible. You can get there by off-road vehicle, and then by an interesting paved path that crosses in one part and over the cliffs, you descend almost to the watercourse and the beginning of the waterfalls.

– This canyon exceeded all our original expectations. On the one hand, it looks quite tame and there are a lot of plants in the area, but huge verticals, slippery rocks and the amount of water are for everyone. It is reminiscent of the most extreme canyons in the beginning. I have to admit that the waterfall completely enchanted us with its power.

In the canyon, natural anchorages are used when descending the rope. There are many trees, but care must be taken to choose the right and stable tree for the anchorage. One should be especially careful because it is very slippery in the canyon (one of the most slippery we have been in) and there are a lot of crumbling rocks that can be easily moved. For the passage of this canyon, a narrower than 60 meters is enough, as well as other standard canyoning equipment.

– The canyon of the Barska reka is accessible to tourists only with the accompaniment of experienced guides and the use of specialized equipment. The configuration of the terrain is such that it is impossible to pass a waterfall 50 meters high without the use of ropes, belts and other tools. We have planned to organize the largest number of trainings, as well as tourist passes, in this canyon during this summer season.

The canyon is best and most attractive to pass in the period of higher waters in the spring. In the summer when the temperatures are high due to its altitude it can be pleasant to pass.
The Bar River almost never dries out, so the beauties of this canyon can be enjoyed throughout the summer.
Also, it should be mentioned, in the immediate vicinity of the canyon of the Barska reka there is another pearl of this mountain, Semeteško Lake with unique floating islands.

Special thanks to MK Mountain Resort for the support provided during our stay in the mountains. We are especially looking forward to future cooperation, which we are sure will be at the highest level!

KopaonikONLINE thanks EXTREME CANYONING TEAM for the story from May 2013 and the phenomenal photographer Predrag Vučković.


The Extreme Canyoning Team consists of a group of specially trained people specializing in mountaineering and extreme sports, who have decided to expand this type of activity to a wide range of people.

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