Kopaonik starts construction of Luxury ski complex Omorika ***** soon

Kopaonik will soon begin construction of the luxury apartment-tourist complex Luxury ski complex Omorika*****

“The construction of the Luxury ski complex Omorika ***** is planned for the 30th kilometer of the Bruce – Kopaonik road, as a luxury apartment complex intended for stay and rest throughout the year.

The very position of the complex is located directly along the ski path that connects the two traffic ski trails, Karaman (Jaram) and Gobelja, with a magnificent view that extends from an altitude of 1820 m above sea level to both the slopes of Kopaonik and most of Serbia, and again removed from the crowd, it gives the complex a serious note of elegance and prestige.

The whole complex was conceived as a set of chalet villas designed and built in French-Alpine style. Experience in the construction of such facilities in the heart of the Alps (Megev and Courchevel) we decided to transfer to our climate and thus breathe a new spirit into Kopaonik and convey a note of luxury that distinguishes the most prestigious ski resorts in the world.

Within the complex, accommodation capacities of different structures are planned. Prevailing family villas with an area of 500-600m2, which in addition to luxurious accommodation, include spa centers, saunas, billiards rooms, mini cinemas and other facilities that will give users the opportunity to fully enjoy what we can not find on Kopaonik and ski centers in environment.

In addition to family chalets, there are also plans for accommodation in which several apartments of different structures are located, which do not lag behind the mentioned villas in terms of luxury and equipment, also have gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, playrooms and the like.

There is also a restaurant that will offer traditional cuisine and guests will be able to enjoy exclusively local produce from the surrounding farms.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020. Given the recent situation caused by Covid 19, there may be minor changes, which will be notified to all interested parties in a timely manner. The value of the investment is estimated at 9,000,000-10,000,000 euros.

Certainly, the construction of this complex will create conditions for new jobs, where in the selection of candidates we would give priority to the local population who must be educated and professionally trained in providing tourism services to this type of tourism. “- say in the company Omorika Group.

We sincerely hope that the construction will start soon, which will inform the readers as well as the possibility of becoming owners of apartments or villas in the tourist complex Luxury ski complex Omorika ***** on Kopaonik.