The PD “Radočelo” from Ušće today marks its 1st anniversary

Kopaonik, 05/01/2020. Mountaineering Association “Radočelo” from Ušće today, on May 1st, celebrates its 1st anniversary. On the day of foundation of the society, 17 citizens of Ušće, lovers of mountains and hiking joined the society.

Today, the association has about 40 members, and during the year, mountaineers from Ušće participated in numerous mountaineering activities, in which they crossed a large number of hiking trails.

Mountaineering Association “Radočelo” is dedicated to environmental protection, raising environmental awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles and natural resources of the mouth and the environment, as well as wider and above all the development and promotion of mountaineering.

Since the “Radočelo” Hiking Society Ušće does not yet have a licensed mountaineering guide in 2020, no independent mountaineering action is foreseen, but, like last year, it will join the actions of the neighboring mountaineering societies and with the guides with whom our society signs the agreement about cooperation.

The annual membership fee for new members is 800 dinars, of which 600 dinars are forwarded to the Serbian Mountaineering Association for making mountaineering cards, stamps and insurance.

Take a deep breath … Become a member of PD “Radočelo” Ušće!

You can find out more information about Radochelo PD through Facebook group “Hiking Usce – PD Radochelo”
source:I Love Ušće