Ski season on Kopaonik more successful than the previous one – assessment of ski instructors

Kopaonik 26.04.2021. Although the ski season on Kopaonik 2020/21 officially ended on April 18, impressions are still being summed up, and in the meantime, an extended ski weekend has been announced from April 30 to May 4, 2021.

How did the ski season on Kopaonik go, we asked those who have been on the trail since early morning – ski and snowboard instructors in ski schools on Kopaonik.

“What can I say, when you love your job … The ski season that is behind us was characterized by heavy snowfall, and there were a few icy days. Unlike the previous ski season, we also experienced spring skiing because we have been working for a month longer now. It is not very easy to work continuously for 137 days in the snow, almost every day from 7 am to 11 pm, but when you love what you do, then nothing is difficult. It’s easier to beat a high minus, a blizzard, but everything is forgotten when you see the smiles on peoples faces that say “Thank you for teaching me to ski …” I think it’s very important that we stay healthy in this current situation … that we skied, transmit knowledge and enjoy. ” – said Mina Lukić, ski instructor at the ski school “Raška”

“The season was more than expected this year. The weather served us well, it seems that there will be snow to ski until June. The ski resorts of Serbia have put into operation the new wire, trails and gondola Brzeće – Mali Karaman, which has attracted a large number tourists and skiers. We experienced a lot of snow and a real winter this year with paved and tidy trails, which is commendable.
As for me and my classes, I am very pleased because I have worked with many young people and kids who are increasingly becoming lovers of winter sports and skiing. It’s a beautiful feeling to be a part of that on Kopaonik. ” – said Emilija Marković, ski instructor at the ski school “Kopaonik”

“In the past winter season, there was a lot of snow and tourists … This winter was beautified by the long-awaited gondola Brzeće-Kopaonik and now it is easier and more beautiful for all of us (smile). The attendance on our mountain was great and it was nice to see what more and more children and young people decide to learn snowboarding, and there are also older people who want to fulfill their wishes from their youth and learn to ride. Snowboarding is the most beautiful winter sport for me. I love my job and I am happy when I see the progress of my students who thus become richer for one life discipline. So cold days are less cold and the heart is warmer and the smiles on their faces say it all… ” Ljiljana Lukić, snowboard instructor at the ski school “Kopaonik”

“Kopaonik worked as usual this season, the pandemic did not affect much, but the rules such as wearing masks, distance, etc. had to be respected. The only thing was that the restaurants were closed at one point, and that didn’t really make sense, because you have nowhere to warm up, rest, go to the toilet… As for the weather conditions, the winter was very cold and harsh, but that led to perfect snow for great trails. The tidiness was quite solid, as great as they managed to fix due to the constant rainfall. The attendance of tourists, as usual, varied depending on the announcement of the guests, which was followed by the price range, which in my opinion changed from week to week. In a word, this winter season was great for skiing.” – she said Kristina Simić, ski instructor at the ski school “Kopaonik”

Ski center Kopaonik has proven this season as a favorite in the region in providing all the services needed for quality wintering and skiing. A large number of trails, which are well maintained, a large number of sunny days, a huge amount of snow have provided this season a phenomenal atmosphere for every skier. Even a pandemic caused by the Corona virus did not diminish the visit. Good organization in the ski center ensured respect for the prescribed measures, keeping a distance and wearing masks or bandanas. Kopaonik, as one of the best organized ski resorts, provides an atmosphere for everyone. The slopes and polygons provide quality training for both beginners and the most experienced skiers. Also, there is a large amount of content for those who have not yet tried skiing and snowboarding. “- said Jelena Kasom, ski instructor at the ski school “Snow Stars Team” Kopaonik.

The evaluation of the last ski season by the ski and snowboard instructors is that it was excellent and primarily it was more successful than the previous one because it lasted 30 days longer. They also sent greetings to everyone with an invitation to visit the Kopaonik ski center and ski next winter, which will contribute to the skiing season being better and more successful, at least for a bit.

Let us remind you that the ski resorts of Serbia have announced the operation of a part of the ski center Kopaonik for the First of May and Easter 2021, in the period from April 30 to May 4, which you can read in more detail HERE